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Digital Art by Ola El: A New Aesthetic in the World of Art!

Posted by Haziq Siddiqui on


And we have been doing our best to produce content and products that are most liked by our audience. In the last couple of weeks, we have been planning an addition to our catalogue and concluded based on what our customers really want and what is really demanded but not supplied by a lot of brands like ours.

As a result, we realized how much more aesthetics our brand could add up to itself. These aesthetics were not easy to be produced and so we put on board a very talented digital artist who is not only creating digital art but is also provoking the most relatable emotions ever challenged by the audience.

Ola El is a digital artist that has merged with Klothe Shop and will be allowing us with an honor of putting her art on the rack. Now you can purchase her art as framed wall-hangings printed on a high-quality paper, with a partly glossy, partly matte finish. Unlike others, our paper and print quality only enhances the aesthetics and expression of the painting.

Some of her expressions are:

1. Angelica [Buy Now]

I always felt like I was living a double life. I always felt the need to be the perfect child to my parents. The good girl, "The Angel". But I wasn't because no one is. Therefore, I always tried to keep a secret. The secret that I am a human in an angel's clothing.

"All of us have untold secrets we don't share. It's a path only us shall take."
- Ola El

[Buy Angelica by Ola El]

2. Macy [Buy Now]

What does it feel like staring at the wall? Spaced into your deep thoughts, thinking of what to do with yourself. Have I done the right decisions? Did my purpose change? Am I in the right? What if everything I got to know and understand is wrong? Am I lost? Questions pop as we look at the wall, thinking.

[Buy Macy by Ola El]

3. Princess Ruby [Buy Now]

A ruby is red and bright. Strong and might. Do you want to know who Princess Ruby is?

[Buy Princess Ruby by Ola El]


These paintings are available in different sizes. You can choose an already available size from the product page or order a custom size by contacting us from the contact us page.

We hope you support art by purchasing our products online that will directly by shipping to your doorstep.